selected interviews with cc

"20 Years of Rock in Opposition"
with Valdir Montanari, Brasil, 2000

Mostly about Henry Cow, RIO and ReR history
with Jason Gross, March 1997..

Previous bands, Recommended, David Thomas, Quarterly,Science Group,
Dumitrescu, Pop history creative and commercial, Beefheart, Rhythm sections &c
with Giuseppe Colli for Issue #13: Blow Up, June '99.

re. The Science Group
with Osamu Sakamoto and an unidentified magazine, 1999

P53, Cassiber, 60's vs 90's, permanent bands, sampling, gesture, feminism
Public Symposium, Tokyo June 10, 1998

"The Age of Virtual Communities of Taste"
with Dr. Bela Máriás for Jump Magazine Hungary, Summer 2001

History, Cow, Texts, Improvisation
with Stephane Fougere for Traverses web magazine, 1999

On song texts
with Umberto Fiori, (Background for a lecture at the University of Bologna. Unpublished.), 1999

P53, Electric Percussion, the Integrity of Performances and Their
Relation to Released Recordings that Embody Them.

on improvisation, mostly
with Alex Varty, Vancouver 2002
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