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My records are somewhat scattered but here are some.

I started giving occasional talks and participating in Symposia in the early eighties and became active in the then newly formed IASPM (International Association for the Study of Popular Music). Since then such public talking and writing have been an intermittent but regular aspect of my work.

Some talks:

  • IASPM, Dartford College - 'Necessity and Choice in Musical Forms'.
  • IASPM, University, Montreal - Studio Composition and Visualisation - a case study
  • IASPM. University of Leeds - Improvisation: Motives and Methods.
  • Pomeriggi Musicali do Milano - On The Impact of Recording Technology on Popular music.
  • Academy of Science, Berlin: Rock In Opposition, a case study.
  • Dissonanten, Rotterdam - Punderphonics and Postmodernism
  • Union of Composers, Moscow - Electrification and Experimentation, the development of new musical resources in the popular field.
  • British Council, Belgrade - Composing with Other people's Music - Creativity or Theft?
  • The Royal College of Art, London - The Recording Studio as a Compositional Instrument.
  • The Royal College of Art, London - Sonic and Structural Convergence at the fringes of Musical Genres.
  • University of Trondheim -. Plunderphonia.
  • Chile - various locations, a series of talks on memory and forgetting in the evolution of musical forms.
  • Mexico - various locations, as above.
  • Buenos Aries - ditto.
  • Museum School, Boston. Sampling and Plunderphonics, Meet the Composer.
  • Yale, Newhaven. Electrification and performance issues.
  • Various 'Meet the Composer' sessions and panels.
  • Institute of contemporary Arts, London (Static and Interference: The Cultural Politics of Alternative Music)
  • European Symposium on Experimental Music, Barcelona
  • LMC festival, London - Improvisational Strategies.
  • British Council
  • Belo Horizonte, Brasil - on Independent label management.
  • Tokyo - on my own musical career.


Apart from numerous articles and papers on all manner of subjects published in Germany, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Britain, Denmark, Holland, France, Hungary, Greece, Poland, Canada & America I have published:

Two books
  • The Henry Cow Story - a history (November Books, London, 1980)
  • File Under Popular: theoretical and critical writings on music (November Books/ Autonomedia 1984/ new edition 1992) Translated and Published also in Japan, Poland and Germany , with French and Portuguese editions in train.
Recent Articles:

Otherwise I am a full time working Musician, part time composer and lyricist, I edit the ReR Sourcebooks, run a record company, a distribution network and have appeared on about 100 recordings.

other biographies: Short Bio Talks/Articles
Long Bio .

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